Sailing with the wind in our back from the west coast of Africa, shortly we will see the shape of an island that cannot deny its volcanic origin. Wild landscape formed by volcanic cones, sea of lava, wineyards, palm groves and agricultural fields boasts all ranges of colours. There is an absolute contrast. Red, black and ochre tones of the volcanic stones are separated from the deep turquoise of the ocean by a thin stripe of beaches made from the finest Sahara sand. Often times this line is highlighted by a white surf foam, which with unceasing strenght blasts into rough cliffs formed by lava streams.
The villages, which from far remind us of desert oasis´, prove that humans will survive even in a place where moisture is for most of the year only night dew from the trade wind clouds. Flocks of goats and exotic camels, siluets of spreading palm trees, nopal and aloe vera plantations - this all will again and again surprise the visitor with the harmony in which is entwined the work of human hands with impressive creation of nature.
The island is the promised land to devotees of cycling and trekking and also to those who in the tranquility of undemanding excursions will savour rich history, great cuisine, delicious wines and last but not least a luxurious bath in the Atlantic.