A nice route in between - not to hard but can be challenging if you have the wind against you.

The beginning climb to Teguise is not so spectacular but the former main town of Lanzarote itself is more than worth a visit. Then you roll down towards La Caleta de Famara. The sandy beach at the bottom of the cliffs - heading 600 meters up from the sea is more than beautiful.

From there you reach La Santa, passing by the little village of Soo. You will find yourself in the middle of nowhere, at one of the best reef-breaks for wave-surfers and - just before the entrance to the biggest sport-centre of the island. A lot of triathlets and other sport-clubs make winter-trainings here and - of course cycle-professionals like dutch Rabobank-Team and many others. La Santa is also organizing the ironman - and other competitions like the volcano triathlon which takes place around the training-center itself.

Leaving La Santa the road is like an US-highway - without curves, without attractions, slightly climbing - but at least with few traffic. From Tinguaton to Masdache and later to the valley of La Geria you will find black lava similar to the road through the firemountains so can one more enjoy the scenery. From La Geria you can return to Costa Teguise over Mozaga - San Bartolome - Tahiche (Tour 2) or taking another coffee-rest in Teguise (Tour 1).


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